Friday, November 27, 2009

Dawgs vs Jacksonville State - Basketball Preview

Dawgs vs Jacksonville State Gamecocks - Friday, November 27 7:00 p.m at Stegeman

Now that we are all stuffed with Turkey, its time to settle down for a little roundball before the dawgs take on the Jackets at the Joke by Coke on Saturday. 

The Post game review will be a bit different. Going to use more pics to sum up the game. 

So what do we know about the Gamecocks, other than their name brings the memory of those pesky birds to our east. 

The Gamecocks enter our game at 2-2. They also lost to UAB 87-62. In looking at their stats a couple of names jump out at me. 

  • Trenton Marshall - 6-5, junior. This season he is averaging 18 points with 4 boards. He is also a good free throw shooter at 94% (15-16). 

  • Nick Murphy - 6-3 junior. He lead the team in rebounds the last two games and is averaging  just under 12 points a game.

  • Jay-r Strowbridge - 6-0 junior. The teams second leading scorer behind Marshall with 14 points a game. 

  • Stephen Hall - 6-5 Sophomore. He is grabbing over 8 boards and game with 10 points.

As a team, they have four players averaging in double figures. They also grab nearly 40 boards a game. I think the key here is their three point shooting. They like to shoot the three ball and hit 35%. So this will give the dawgs a chance for some long rebounds. 

If this becomes a shooting match, I'm not sure we are at the point where we can win those games. So we will need to stay in our game plan and not try to shoot it out with them. 

So our keys to the game will be


  • Will Ricky still hit the three

  • Can we crash the boards. The Gamecocks don't look overly tall.

  • Will we handle the turnovers. Have to limit these to only non-key moments although the Gamecocks look to steal based on the numbers.

  • Will Albert Jackson get some more playing time. I think this is key down the road.


So come out and support the Dawgs.

Black Friday

Just a little short note.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I spent my with the in-laws in Athens an had the whole crew of sisters and brothers-in laws, nieces and nephews and a few pets.

Now as I write this, I'm in the middle of Walmart. Currently hiding out, because I was able to snag some of the items early. I have seen a few folks get caught and lost their stash.

Next stop Home Depot then Target. Finishing off with Sam's and Macy's.

Hope all have a great day and rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dawgs Dispose of Another Dawg

Dawgs Win 79-58 over UNC-Asheville Bulldogs
Tip-OffWell, as I said yesterday, I thought this was a good chance to to righting the boat and even our record at 2-2. The team did not disappoint. We got the win. But what else did the outcome show us.

  • Ricky McPhee hasn't forgot how to make baskets. Now the issue here is not if he will score from beyond the arch, but how he does it. It was pointed out that if he is not set, his shot is usually not going in. Last night he was able to set and shoot. He went 8-9 from the field and 4-5 from three. Hopefully this will get him going.

  • Our offensive rebounding and rebounding overall still needs help. We only grabbed 9 offensive boards against a team that we should have out rebounded. UNC-Asheville grabbed 15 offensive boards and 31 overall. The 31 rebounds matched Georgia's total. This trend can not continue. This may actually be changing now that Albert Jackson is starting to play more after a pre-season injury.

  • Speaking of Albert Jackson, he got some good playing time (13-minutes) and grabbed 6 boards (3 offensive) and went 5-6 from the field with two blocks. I'll see if this continues Friday against Jacksonville State.

  • We actually made our free throws going 10-11. Now I'm not reading much into this, because there was no pressure and the legs were not heavy since the game was in hand by the half.

  • Another player that is playing well is Travis Leslie. He finished with 17 points on 7-10 shooting in 17 minutes

As for the progression of the team, I saw what looked like a pull back from the original game plan of Coach Fox. From my seats, I can watch the expression of the coach and others have pointed this out as well, but I see him holding his head at times. This is not because the team is running the offensive incorrectly, but the failure in the fundamentals of the game. From what I can tell, we need work with ball handling and turnovers. We had 19 for the game, but it seemed more like 30.


VISITORS: UNC Asheville 0-4
                          TOT-FG  3-PT         REBOUNDS
## Player Name            FG-FGA FG-FGA FT-FTA OF DE TOT PF  TP  A TO BLK S MIN
02 Dickey, Matt........ *  4-15   1-6    0-0    2  3  5   2   9  4  2  0  2  29
03 Primm, J.P.......... *  2-9    1-4    2-2    4  3  7   2   7  3  3  0  2  38
15 Smith, Sean......... *  4-13   3-10   1-2    0  2  2   1  12  0  4  0  1  27
23 Williams, John...... *  7-11   0-0    0-2    4  3  7   2  14  0  3  2  0  23
42 Stubbs, Eric........ *  0-0    0-0    0-0    0  0  0   0   0  0  2  0  1  11
04 Stephenson, Chris...    4-9    0-3    2-4    2  1  3   0  10  1  4  0  1  25
24 Turner, Terrence....    0-1    0-0    0-0    0  0  0   0   0  0  1  0  0   6
33 Cunningham, D.J.....    2-5    0-0    0-0    3  1  4   3   4  0  0  2  0  23
35 Jackson, Quinard....    1-2    0-0    0-0    0  3  3   1   2  1  2  0  2  18
   TEAM................                         2  2  4
   Totals..............   24-65   5-23   5-10  17 18 35  11  58  9 21  4  9 200

TOTAL FG% 1st Half:  9-26 34.6%   2nd Half: 15-39 38.5%   Game: 36.9%  DEADB
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half:  3-10 30.0%   2nd Half:  2-13 15.4%   Game: 21.7%   REBS
F Throw % 1st Half:  1-2  50.0%   2nd Half:  4-8  50.0%   Game: 50.0%    4

HOME TEAM: Georgia 2-2
                          TOT-FG  3-PT         REBOUNDS
## Player Name            FG-FGA FG-FGA FT-FTA OF DE TOT PF  TP  A TO BLK S MIN
01 Leslie, Travis...... *  7-10   0-1    3-3    1  2  3   2  17  2  4  0  1  17
03 Ware, Dustin........ *  0-4    0-3    0-0    0  2  2   0   0  4  1  0  2  21
04 Barnes, Chris....... *  1-2    0-0    0-0    1  4  5   1   2  1  1  0  2  15
10 McPhee, Ricky....... *  8-9    4-5    0-0    1  2  3   0  20  4  2  0  4  23
33 Thompkins, Trey..... *  6-9    1-1    3-3    2  3  5   1  16  2  1  1  2  25
02 Mayfield, Demario...    0-1    0-0    0-0    0  0  0   0   0  1  0  0  0  14
05 Anyaorah, Ebuka.....    1-5    0-2    3-4    0  1  1   0   5  0  1  1  0  12
11 Williams, Vincent...    0-3    0-1    0-0    0  0  0   3   0  3  3  0  0  20
12 Bucklin, Matt.......    0-0    0-0    0-0    0  0  0   0   0  0  1  0  0   3
25 Whatley, Tyler......    1-3    0-0    1-1    0  0  0   2   3  0  0  0  0   5
34 Jackson, Albert.....    5-6    0-0    0-0    3  3  6   1  10  0  4  2  1  13
41 Zlovaric, Drazen....    3-8    0-1    0-0    1  0  1   1   6  2  1  0  1  18
50 Price, Jeremy.......    0-2    0-0    0-0    0  5  5   2   0  0  0  0  0  14
   TEAM................                         3  3  6
   Totals..............   32-62   5-14  10-11  12 25 37  13  79 19 19  4 13 200

TOTAL FG% 1st Half: 16-29 55.2%   2nd Half: 16-33 48.5%   Game: 51.6%  DEADB
3-Pt. FG% 1st Half:  4-9  44.4%   2nd Half:  1-5  20.0%   Game: 35.7%   REBS
F Throw % 1st Half:  3-3  100 %   2nd Half:  7-8  87.5%   Game: 90.9%    1

Next Home Game is Friday vs Jacksonville State.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Georgia vs Another Bulldog

Georgia (1-2) vs. UNC-Asheville (0-3)
Date / TimeTuesday, Nov. 24 at 7:00 p.m.
LocationStegeman Coliusem | Athens, Ga.
TelevisionRegional telecast by CSS
RadioGeorgia Bulldogs Radio Network (Atlanta: 750AM, Athens: 100.1 FM & 960 AM)
InternetLive audio on GXtra (subscription required)
TicketsReserved Seat Tickets: $15. Available online and by phone at 1-877-542-1231. Also, at Stegeman Coliseum Ticket Booths 1, 2, 5 on the day of the game, starting 1.5 hours before tipoff. UGA Student Tickets: $2 with UGA ID.


Tonight's game at Stegeman against UNC-Asheville, should provide Georgia a chance to even it's record at 2-2. In looking at the stats from the Bulldogs, not our dawgs, but their dogs, they don't look to impressive. 

Just for some numbers

FG%  69-191 36%

FT% 31-56 55%

3FG% 16-65 24.6%

Looking at those numbers, should give Georgia a good chance to rebound after dropping the last two games. There are a few things that did not improve in the UAB game and those need to be addressed, else the chances for a competitive season will be hard to come by.

I know we are still learning the system, but we are almost a month out from a game where the Jackets come into our house. That is a game I want to win. A Game we must win. That would be the perfect launch into the conference schedule. As I have said from the beginning, as long as we continue to improve from game to game, we stand a good chance of competing this season. 

So what needs to happen

  • Ricky McPhee needs to find his shot from long range. If not, his playing time may drop.

  • Need more second chance points.

  • Need a good defense stands to set up the fast break points.

  • Need to find the three. We are shooting only 21%. 

Some interesting facts about the game. This is the homecoming for Eddie Biedenbach. He was an assistant under Hugh Durham from 1982-1989, so he was part of the Final Four run by the Dawgs. 

Come out support the Dawgs since the students will be in low attendance. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Georgia Football posts on hold

I have decided not to post anything related to Georgia Football until next year. As mother always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

But have no fear, I'll have plenty to say about the round ball.

So until Georgia Football decides to show up and play Georgia Football, I'm just not going to force myself to try to come up with something.

So until then, maybe the coaches will learn to coach again, the players will hang onto the ball, the team will think before hitting the guy two feet out of bounds and finally learn to tackle someone.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Georgia vs Wofford A Game to Learn From?

The Dawgs fell to the Wofford Terriers 60-57 Tuesday night. This was one of those games where shooting failed us. The old saying live by the three, die by the three, well, I'll let my readers figure out what happened. Not to mention free throw shooting. 

If you read my preview of the game earlier, you would notice I picked three areas that we needed to improve on. Well, needless to say we did not improve on any of those areas. 

To start, our free throw shooting was just down right bad. To the point where we had a chance to tie the game at the line with 6 seconds left, but Dustin Ware missed the back end of a one and one after Wofford called a timeout. On the other end, Wofford hit both of their free throws to pull ahead by three points. Ware had a chance to tie the game with a three but missed it long. From where I sat, it seemed like a good look. But with time running out I think he rushed it a bit. 

We ended the game shooting 55% from the line. 55% won't win you many games, but it sure will cost you several.

Second, our shooting from the field. We ended shooting 40%. and only 14% from three. Tonight Travis Leslie was a bright spot. 7-11 from the field, 1-1 from three and 2-2 from the line. This was the second game where Ricky McPhee waited until the closing minutes to hit is only three of the game. This is something that needs to be fixed. Our poor shooting was addressed by Coach Fox in the post game radio interview. He said that we are not a good shooting team, but it is something that can be worked on. 

Lastly the boards. We managed to stay the course, but would like to see some of our offense rebounds turning into points. 

Overall we had a slow start and played form behind most of the game. This is not something this team can do at this point and be successful. We need to stay within a couple of baskets until we can learn to come from behind and take the lead. 

There were several items that stood out to me. 

To start, Jeremy Price is really beginning to play well. He has dropped a good amount of weight and is starting to show signs of a good ball player. He got 20 minutes tonight. In that 9 points, 4 rebounds and a block. 

I also found that our defense is starting to step up. We have 8 blocks and forced 8 turnovers. They held the Terriers to 38% shooting and 35% from three. The downside was they shot 85% from the line. That's where the game was won for the wimpy dogs.

Going forward, I can say I see areas that need improvement. And since the season is so young, the verdict is still out on how we will play in conference play. Luckily we have quite a few games before then to work out the kinks and work on the faults.

As they say, winning is contagious and winning needs to be learned. So with this game, we found some faults the can be improved on. So I hope going into the UAB game Saturday, we can adjust and learn from this game. 

NOTE : Sorry no pics this week. I had the twins to myself at the game. 

Next Game is at UAB on Saturday. 

UGA vs Wofford - Dawgs Basketball

Game Time 7pm, Stegeman

As the season is now ramping up, we enter our second matchup of the young season. After a win over New Orleans and a career high from Trey Thompkins with 25 points, we face a team that Connor Nolte is familiar with since they are in the same conference as Furman. According to his tweet today, he remembers them playing Smart, hard and shooting 3s. 

One note about Wofford, they gave Pittsburgh a run in their first game, before falling 63-60. The Terriers had a ten point lead with ten minutes left. So the dawgs will have their work cut out for them. 

The Dawgs will have to watch out for Noah Dahlman who had 20 points and 13 rebounds against Pittsburgh and Brad Loesing who had 13 points. So the Dawgs will need to play some good defense and keep them off the line. They went 9-9 from the free throw line against Pitt. It looks like they were a bit off on their 3s only shooting 7-19, so hopefully they will remain in that range. Looking at the box score, it looks like Pitt upped the defense on the three pointer as their percentage dropped in the second half. 

For the Dawgs, we need to keep up the good defense and continue to rebound. I would like to see a few more steals and block shots as well. And we all know these can lead to easy fast breaks on offense. 

One area that we really need to focus on is free throw shooting. We only shot 67.9% (19-28) with Chris Barnes needing the most work. With that, Chris did a great job on the boards with 11 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. 

On offense, we need to start getting better looks from behind the three point line. We shot only 25 percent with Ricky going 1 for 5. Granted his one was a big one late in the game. It was point out to me that the one Ricky made was because he was set, the others he was still on the move.

I'll be at the game tonight and will be looking for improvement in a few key areas. 

Free Throw Shooting

Three Point Shooting

Offensive Rebounding


So lets get out there and support our Dawgs. 

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Recap - UGA vs New Orleans - Basketball

Dawgs Win 67-59

Now that the Dawgs have gotten off to a good start with a win over a well coached and disciplined New Orleans team, which by the way is now home to Billy Humphrey, its time to talk about what I saw. 

I have now seen the dawgs in a private practice, an exhibition game and now game one. So in my three viewings what have I seen.

Well to start, I see a team that is improving, but still has a way to go. The improvement from the first time to now is dramatic. It started with missed locations, bad reads, missed passes and some defensive misses. Now I see those nice reads, the open looks and same pretty darn good defense. This is not to say we will be fighting for the SEC championship, but if we keep improving, I do think we should win a fair number of games and not have those embarrassing losses that we have had in the past. 

We are not anywhere close to where Coach Fox wants the team, but I can see a difference from last year. 

The offense seems to actually move for the entire play clock. The cuts to the open lane with a stop and pop or the kick out are happening. We are getting the rebounds and put backs. It's actually nice to see basketball. This is not to say that our earlier coaches did it wrong, but to say that Coach Fox has the team believing in what he is teaching. 

One thing I was surprised by was the play of Ricky McPhee. I was expecting more shots and makes. But he did not get his first points until just until the 2 minute mark left in the game. His shot did not drop if he was still moving and not set. Hopefully he can overcome this in the next game. Also Chris needs some work from the line. This was an issue during the preview practice as well. I haven't figured out what he is doing wrong, but I'll keep watching. But I'm leaning towards his rhythm. 

On Defense, we are not getting the steals and fast break baskets but that will come. We are getting some nice blocks and rebounds from Chris Barnes and Trey Thompkins. We still have need for improvement, so by SEC play we should be able to hold our own. 

Did I think we would have issues with New Orleans, no. It was a lot closer than that the final score. But that was only because of our free throws down the stretch. 

So here are some shots from the game. 

Video of Trey shooting a 3


So until next time. GOOOOOO DAWGS

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basketball Time vs New Orleans

On Friday, the Georgia Bulldogs take to the court for real. No more exhibition games. No more wondering what the team will bring. It's on now. 

As with any new coach, I have a 4 year plan. It takes that long to bring in his type of players. Now a good coach can get results from the players that don't fit his style. I'm hoping Coach Fox is one of those coaches. I have watched our basketball teams, rise to the point of almost quite a few times, only to fall back to never was. So what about this year.

This year, I hope to see the promise and desire that I have seen in the past from our teams. 

This year, I hope to see basketball played on both ends of the court. 

This year, I hope to see us remain competitive in games, even the ones we should not be in.

This year, I hope to finally see some REAL basketball.

This year, I hope to see a packed house for the games.

So to help get the team started, please go out and show your support. 

Game time : 7pm vs New Orleans at the Coliseum