Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basketball Time vs New Orleans

On Friday, the Georgia Bulldogs take to the court for real. No more exhibition games. No more wondering what the team will bring. It's on now. 

As with any new coach, I have a 4 year plan. It takes that long to bring in his type of players. Now a good coach can get results from the players that don't fit his style. I'm hoping Coach Fox is one of those coaches. I have watched our basketball teams, rise to the point of almost quite a few times, only to fall back to never was. So what about this year.

This year, I hope to see the promise and desire that I have seen in the past from our teams. 

This year, I hope to see basketball played on both ends of the court. 

This year, I hope to see us remain competitive in games, even the ones we should not be in.

This year, I hope to finally see some REAL basketball.

This year, I hope to see a packed house for the games.

So to help get the team started, please go out and show your support. 

Game time : 7pm vs New Orleans at the Coliseum

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