Friday, November 27, 2009

Dawgs vs Jacksonville State - Basketball Preview

Dawgs vs Jacksonville State Gamecocks - Friday, November 27 7:00 p.m at Stegeman

Now that we are all stuffed with Turkey, its time to settle down for a little roundball before the dawgs take on the Jackets at the Joke by Coke on Saturday. 

The Post game review will be a bit different. Going to use more pics to sum up the game. 

So what do we know about the Gamecocks, other than their name brings the memory of those pesky birds to our east. 

The Gamecocks enter our game at 2-2. They also lost to UAB 87-62. In looking at their stats a couple of names jump out at me. 

  • Trenton Marshall - 6-5, junior. This season he is averaging 18 points with 4 boards. He is also a good free throw shooter at 94% (15-16). 

  • Nick Murphy - 6-3 junior. He lead the team in rebounds the last two games and is averaging  just under 12 points a game.

  • Jay-r Strowbridge - 6-0 junior. The teams second leading scorer behind Marshall with 14 points a game. 

  • Stephen Hall - 6-5 Sophomore. He is grabbing over 8 boards and game with 10 points.

As a team, they have four players averaging in double figures. They also grab nearly 40 boards a game. I think the key here is their three point shooting. They like to shoot the three ball and hit 35%. So this will give the dawgs a chance for some long rebounds. 

If this becomes a shooting match, I'm not sure we are at the point where we can win those games. So we will need to stay in our game plan and not try to shoot it out with them. 

So our keys to the game will be


  • Will Ricky still hit the three

  • Can we crash the boards. The Gamecocks don't look overly tall.

  • Will we handle the turnovers. Have to limit these to only non-key moments although the Gamecocks look to steal based on the numbers.

  • Will Albert Jackson get some more playing time. I think this is key down the road.


So come out and support the Dawgs.

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