Friday, November 13, 2009

My Recap - UGA vs New Orleans - Basketball

Dawgs Win 67-59

Now that the Dawgs have gotten off to a good start with a win over a well coached and disciplined New Orleans team, which by the way is now home to Billy Humphrey, its time to talk about what I saw. 

I have now seen the dawgs in a private practice, an exhibition game and now game one. So in my three viewings what have I seen.

Well to start, I see a team that is improving, but still has a way to go. The improvement from the first time to now is dramatic. It started with missed locations, bad reads, missed passes and some defensive misses. Now I see those nice reads, the open looks and same pretty darn good defense. This is not to say we will be fighting for the SEC championship, but if we keep improving, I do think we should win a fair number of games and not have those embarrassing losses that we have had in the past. 

We are not anywhere close to where Coach Fox wants the team, but I can see a difference from last year. 

The offense seems to actually move for the entire play clock. The cuts to the open lane with a stop and pop or the kick out are happening. We are getting the rebounds and put backs. It's actually nice to see basketball. This is not to say that our earlier coaches did it wrong, but to say that Coach Fox has the team believing in what he is teaching. 

One thing I was surprised by was the play of Ricky McPhee. I was expecting more shots and makes. But he did not get his first points until just until the 2 minute mark left in the game. His shot did not drop if he was still moving and not set. Hopefully he can overcome this in the next game. Also Chris needs some work from the line. This was an issue during the preview practice as well. I haven't figured out what he is doing wrong, but I'll keep watching. But I'm leaning towards his rhythm. 

On Defense, we are not getting the steals and fast break baskets but that will come. We are getting some nice blocks and rebounds from Chris Barnes and Trey Thompkins. We still have need for improvement, so by SEC play we should be able to hold our own. 

Did I think we would have issues with New Orleans, no. It was a lot closer than that the final score. But that was only because of our free throws down the stretch. 

So here are some shots from the game. 

Video of Trey shooting a 3


So until next time. GOOOOOO DAWGS

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