Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UGA vs Wofford - Dawgs Basketball

Game Time 7pm, Stegeman

As the season is now ramping up, we enter our second matchup of the young season. After a win over New Orleans and a career high from Trey Thompkins with 25 points, we face a team that Connor Nolte is familiar with since they are in the same conference as Furman. According to his tweet today, he remembers them playing Smart, hard and shooting 3s. 

One note about Wofford, they gave Pittsburgh a run in their first game, before falling 63-60. The Terriers had a ten point lead with ten minutes left. So the dawgs will have their work cut out for them. 

The Dawgs will have to watch out for Noah Dahlman who had 20 points and 13 rebounds against Pittsburgh and Brad Loesing who had 13 points. So the Dawgs will need to play some good defense and keep them off the line. They went 9-9 from the free throw line against Pitt. It looks like they were a bit off on their 3s only shooting 7-19, so hopefully they will remain in that range. Looking at the box score, it looks like Pitt upped the defense on the three pointer as their percentage dropped in the second half. 

For the Dawgs, we need to keep up the good defense and continue to rebound. I would like to see a few more steals and block shots as well. And we all know these can lead to easy fast breaks on offense. 

One area that we really need to focus on is free throw shooting. We only shot 67.9% (19-28) with Chris Barnes needing the most work. With that, Chris did a great job on the boards with 11 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. 

On offense, we need to start getting better looks from behind the three point line. We shot only 25 percent with Ricky going 1 for 5. Granted his one was a big one late in the game. It was point out to me that the one Ricky made was because he was set, the others he was still on the move.

I'll be at the game tonight and will be looking for improvement in a few key areas. 

Free Throw Shooting

Three Point Shooting

Offensive Rebounding


So lets get out there and support our Dawgs. 

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