Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dawgs over the Billikens on Defense

Here is a different approach, a little summary based on the tweets I made during the game. At the end is the box score and some more thoughts on the game.

My Tweets and Comments.

  • Dawgs Update. Albert Jackson starting 

    • This is a good sign. Albert can be a force in the middle. And this also means that he is recovery from a preseason wrist injury.

  • Dawgs Update: out to early 6-0 lead on strong defense.

    • The defense was playing a press, although not a full press. Wish our offense was playing as well.

  • Dawgs Update: Loving me some strong D

    • At this point I was impressed with the stong defensive stands that we were running. OUr size had a lot to do with this.

  • Dawgs showing some press tonight. Looks good

    • More defense and more defense. Oddly our offense dropped some when we applied strong D.

  • Dawgs Update. 11:18 left in first. Dawgs up 13-3 on strong D and bad O. Several blocks and steals but can't convert. 

    • Low scoring game, no offense on either side of of the ball. 

  • Dawgs Update: 3:38 left in first. Dawgs up 25-11. Walking calls are all the rage. Side note: Rick majerus has not sat down yet, just sayin'

    • The refs were call happy on getting both teams with walking calls. Must be the prime call this year. This doesn't bode well for the Dawgs since we have a lot of pivots and spins in our offense. I made note that Coach Rick had note sat down. One he had no seat on the bench and only sat during timeouts when talking to the team.

  • Dawgs Update: 31-18 Dawgs at half. Better D when we press.Need to score on their mistakes. Rebounding is not too bad. Too many walking calls

    • St. Louis started making some runs and was showing signs of coming into this game. Coach Rick was making some nice adjustments

  • Dawgs Update:11:54 left in game. Dawg up 45-28. Need to start putting them away. Giving too many fouls away 9/9 from line 4/8 from 3, 16/40 from field. 

    • Dawgs up nicely with the exception of field shooting. 

  • Dawgs up 59-50 with the ball with 1:19 left

    • Dawgs dropped the pressing defense and St. Louis made some runs to pull with in double digits. At this point and leading up to this, I stopped updating twitter because the game was getting tight. 

  • Dawgs win 64-56. Gooooo Dawgs

    • Dawgs held on from the line for a good win. St .Louis hit just enough shots to make me nervous. But unlike other Georgia teams, the dawns did not fold. Even though we had a high number of fouls going around, we played some good defense.

  • Another good game by the dawgs. Not very pretty, but a win is a win. Some nice D at times for @coachmarkfox and the team

    • This was a response from the good win tweet by CMF. 

My Thoughts

I really like the way the Dawgs came out with the strong almost pressing defense. This was a new look and I think caught the St. Louis team off guard. 

Our offense tonight was, well bad. We had several easy baskets that were missed, we shot terrible from the field. And overall, made just enough to stay out front. Oddly and I said this in my tweets, we basically can't play strong defense and have a good offense at the same time. Not sure if this is due to the players on the floor or the scheme or something else. I will continue to watch this and hope it improved. 

Looking ahead at the schedule, I see a tough game with Illinois in Duluth (Illinois pulled an upset over 76-74 over #19 Clemson). This will be the real first big game for the dawgs.

Kwamain Mitchell, G275-143-83-5140412416
Femi John, G253-71-32-213110119
Brian Conklin, F351-40-02-400121044
Christian Salecich, G180-30-32-200000632
Willie Reed, F324-100-06-6280432314
Justin Jordan, G222-41-20-013410315
Kyle Cassity, G292-42-30-025110216
Cory Remekun, F120-30-00-012002130
Travis Leslie, G262-60-07-8391313311
Dustin Ware, G335-93-64-4142002017
Ricky McPhee, G342-52-44-5012201310
Trey Thompkins, F236-150-00-0233315412
Albert Jackson, F-C180-20-00-003004030
DeMario Mayfield, G90-10-00-000010200
Chris Barnes, F160-10-00-002111100
Vincent Williams, G70-10-00-001210110
Drazen Zlovaric, F110-00-00-012000110
Jeremy Price, F236-100-02-3040013114


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