Saturday, December 19, 2009

Great Win for the Dawgs

Tonight the Dawgs got, what I consider to be the biggest win of the year. Downing a Big10+1 team in The Fighting Illini. This game proved that Georgia can win the big games. Now the Illini were not ranked, but for Georgia to rebound after two tough losses, shows we are moving in the right direction.

During the game a tweet came in from Connor Nolte. He's having to sit out the year due to being a transfer, so he had to buy his own ticket to the game. Well this was one of those times he played fan in the stands. And from the view on TV, it was loaded with Illini fans. Sad that Georgia didn't have a better turnout. But back to this tweet, he said the following:
"It shouldn't take @Coachmarkfox to get the fans into the game. UGA basketball fans could be helping our team so much more. We need you!"
This is so true, this is also why I attend most home games and have for years. But as I told Connor, Georgia fans are not used to winning and it will take a few wins to bring most around.

So a win like today is a step in making the fans believe. I know I do and did before tonight.

So for those in Athens for the holidays, come out and support on the 23rd. Dawgs will need to support.

Again, great win for the Dawgs

Will post my assessment after I review the stats.

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