Thursday, January 14, 2010

Basketball is almost there

After having played 3 ranked teams in a row and coming out of that with only a single win, some might think that is a bad sign. I’m on the other side. I was courtside for the win and a loss and saw the other one on TV. I can see that we are right there with the big boys of the SEC. Do I think we are better, no. Do I think we can take one or two from the top SEC teams this year, yes. I say yes, but it depends on a few factors.

  • This team needs to mature and mature quickly. Note: The team even admits this in the post game interviews
  • This team needs confidence that it can win the big games like the Illinois and Tech games.
  • Need to play within ourselves and not let the other team dictate what we do.
  • Fans need to get in the seats, even for the unpopular games. Luckily in the SEC, those are few and far between.
  • Continue to do what we do well (shoot free throws) and improve on the other areas
  • Find some bench points.
  • Need to find a new scoring threat. Travis and Trey lead the way. McPhee and Ware get their share, but we need someone to step up and find their shot.

I don’t think we need all those listed and I’m sure I left some out, but this is a new start. We are young and will have issues, but I see promise in the losses. Coach Fox posted the tweet below after the game this morning. So as long as we continue to strive forward, we have a chance. I couldn’t agree more.


Here’s my little note to fans:

Like many in the Dawg Nation, we knew nothing about Coach Fox when he came in, all we saw was his record. It was impressive. But to see is work in action, gives me hope that we may have a team that can challenge and win today and in the years to come. This will bring in more talent.

One thing I would like to say to all of the Dawg Nation. Just because we have a new coach, and we seem to be playing well and above what many perceive as our under talented squad, I want to you understand that this road is a long one. Yes many are jumping on the basketball band wagon, the same happened under Felton and then even with some nice wins, the support dropped, fans stopped coming to the games and basically the team fell under the radar except for when it made the police blotter. Now with the team we have now, I don’t see many of the issues that led to the failures of the past. We have players that appear that they want to be here. The players seem to be buying into the new system. So as fans, we MUST continue to support the team not only this year but in the years to come.

To close out here are some numbers from the Ole Miss Game

  • Dawgs shot 67.6% (23-34) from the line, about 15 points lower than our average. If we hit our average, game would have been tied. Also we dropped from 75% in 1st half to 61% in 2nd half
  • Dawgs Bench 10 Points even though the bench had more minutes than against Kentucky
  • Ole Miss hit 8-18 three’s (Only 1-7 in 2nd Half), 1 below their average, but I knew going in they would put it up a lot.
  • Had a Kentucky hangover as Coach Fox feared.
  • Game was tied 7 times and had 11 lead changes, the Dawgs played most of the second half playing catch up after quick start to the second half by Ole Miss.
  • Dawgs had 17 second chance points. Not bad, but would like to see more.
  • Out rebounded the Rebels 41-34
  • Dawgs had 14 assists to 13 turnovers. Not too bad in the scope of things

To End, Gooooooooo Dawgs. Stay Strong.

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