Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dawgs Continue Streak Over Nerds

Dawgs win 73-66

With a pretty good game against the jackets from the trade school, the dawgs now will travel to face our first SEC team of the year in the number 3 team in the country. More on this later this week. But for now lets look at how the dawgs played against the jackets.

First up the big win over the Jackets. Lets look at what I said yesterday and see if we handled it. My comments are in red.

So for the Dawgs to continue the home winning streak against the Jackets, we need to do the following

  • Continue to shoot free throws well (Dawgs led the Conf in FT percentage made the last three weeks). We held true shooting nearly 83% with a few big ones by Dustin Ware at the end.

  • Stay out of foul trouble. This didn’t happen. We didn’t have anyone foul out, but had 2 with 4, including Travis with. You could see how this limited his aggressiveness on defense in the second half. But with a few minutes left in the game, he did get a bit more active when the refs decided to let the teams play.

  • Rebound, rebound, rebound. This was an issue against the Tigers in the last game. Better but we were still out rebounded 37-33. Lots of long rebounds missed. And our Offensive rebounds were low as well.

  • Travis and Trey both need to get hot. Would like at least 15 points each. Almost. Trey had 20, Travis with 12. But Ricky and Dustin came in with 16 and 13.

  • Watch the turnovers. Again this was bad against the Tigers. Still an issue, especially when pressed. We also had our share of mental lapses that caused quite a few of these turnovers. Fixing this issue is between the ears. We ended with 18 turnovers, which was better, but not great.

One item I did not bring up yesterday only because we are not three point happy, was our three point shooting. Since we don’t have a lot of shooters, this has dropped off. But against the Jackets, for the most part, made good decisions on when to shoot the three. We ended with 50% and nearly 44% from the field.

As far as Paul Hewitt goes, I think his days may be numbered at Tech. He didn’t make the needed adjustments, with what many think have NBA quality players. Coach Fox, saw issues and adjusted, Hewitt did not. Coach Fox made personnel changes that left some of us scratching our heads, but it worked. Hewitt was still playing catchup. Coach Fox has our guys playing like winners, Hewitt barely has his playing.

Having seen Tech in person and in looking at their schedule to date and then the ACC schedule, I see Tech standing a good chance of getting run out of the ACC.

Overall a good game, not great. It was a great game, but anytime we beat the Jackets is a great game.

Side note : Great Day to be a Bulldawg, not so much to be a techie after getting run out of the Orange Bowl by Iowa.

I shot a few vids from the came, so enjoy

Empty during warmups

Battle Hymn

Quick Change at Halftime


UPDATE : Found a pic of me from the game on the ABH. Click the link to see the entire gallery.

Credit ABH, I'm texting an update

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