Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dawgs vs Vols Times 2

Call it what you will, but this week is a battle of the Dawgs vs the Vols. This just adds to the earlier events of the Vols inking Derek Dooley (Yes the son of Vince) to be the new head coach. I won’t go into Vince and whom he may pull for but I say it’s his son, he can do as he pleases. But this is about basketball this week

To start the Lady Dawgs #8 (17-1,4-1) take on The Lady Vols #3 (16-1,4-0) Thursday in the Steg. Game time is 7pm. Then on Saturday the Dawgs (8-8,0-3) take on the Vols #8 (14-2,2-0) at 5pm in the Steg.

While the gals look to continue it’s new streak of wins, the guys are looking at a nice week between games. This is a perfect time to regroup and refocus on the tasks at hand. Also playing well into the guys hands is the fact that the Vols have to play at Alabama tonight, so Roll Tide.

Of Note, Tennessee has reinstated the suspended players, and just in time for the heart of their SEC run and their battle with the Dawgs. Also the Ole Miss team that Georgia gave a run took the Vols to OT before losing 71-69 in Knoxville. So I feel that if the Dawgs can continue to play above themselves and not let the game get away from them, they stand a good chance of knocking of the Vols. Maybe Coach Fox and the team can get it’s signature win against the Vols, much like Coach Richt did in 2001.

The guys have been on the edge of winning, sometimes even handing the victory over after blowing leads. This is something that I hope they can look at and learn from. As a team can’t win until it learns how to win. A huge catch-22.

Sadly I won’t be able to attend the guys game on Saturday, so no live tweets unless I get a chance to have the TV or radio on. And yes my tickets have already been spoken for. Although there is a chance in the future that I might put another game up for grabs.

So here’s hoping for a great week for the Dawgs and that we can give them the Hopnailed Boot one more time.

Goooo Dawgs

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